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The Story - The Whole Truth and Nothing But...

A former Department of Justice Technology Executive along with fellow Judges from across the country decided there needed to be a positive change in the way the justice system serves the public. When the concept was developed to apply the best technology resources with some of the greatest legal experts, it was Swift Judgment's time to come to the forefront of the public's eye. It's helping to shape, provoke and reform an important part of the judicial system. We are about influencing and engaging back with the litigants, logically during an emotionally sensitive process. For many citizens of our great nation, small claims court is usually the first and sometimes the only interaction that many people have with the courts, but that doesn't mean that it has to be an arduous, dragged out process. As a company, we have eliminated the bureaucracy and charge forward with progress for you, personally and throughout this great nation.

William S. Stancil, Esq., has varied legal experience representing clients in general civil litigation matters in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area. William has been awarded t...
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Alvin Meyers is a retired Administrative Law Judge and served his post for the State of Illinois Department of Employment Security, where he presided over and determined unemployme...
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Richard Stein is an Administrative Law Judge and has presided over hundreds of cases relative to administrative actions. Richard also maintains a successful law practice in crimina...
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Edward R. Downs is experienced in federal antitrust laws and has extensive success in dealing with the Federal Trade Commission, Bureau of Competition. His knowledge in law ranges ...
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Leonard Morton has a multi-layered knowledge in architectural hearings based on obligations to meet the code compliance and safety violations. He has pioneered cases in litigation ...
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Why Choose Our Services Over Others:

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) is the most advantageous method in solving the issues surrounding your particular dispute circumstances, which include:

  • Controlling costs - this forum eliminates hidden legal fees and travel expenses
  • Efficiency - We use today's technology to quickly schedule hearings online and resolve cases in a reasonable timeframe
  • Judgments are final, binding and enforceable in the same state courts
  • The comfort level for all parties which is established by the arbitrator whose case familiarity is established well in advance, using easy to understand dialog to discuss the case details
  • We have a qualified panel of impartial and experienced neutrals with a wide range of industry and subject matter experience
  • It is our paramount goal to provide service excellence; we follow up with all parties to get feedback and continually improve our services
  • We use real court experienced judges as arbitrators

And another advantage we provide is information on incorporating online dispute resolution clauses into agreements or contracts by providing a free sample of an ODR Arbitration Clause for businesses and everyone's use.

Disclosures and disclaimers:

This Sample ODR Arbitration Clause is provided for informational purposes only. The sample document is intended for informational use regarding online dispute resolution. It is recommended to seek the advice of an attorney before incorporating the disclosed information into any contractual agreements, whether verbal or written. No legal advice has been provided by our company, and no attorney-client relationship is created by the use of this template. Think Good Thoughts, Inc. operates http://www.SwiftJudgment.com and is not licensed by any Bar Association and does not provide, engage or claim any legal counsel or practice. All users of the http://www.SwiftJudgment.com site accept the Terms of Use of this site, “As Is” with no warranties implied.

Arbitration Contract Clause or Addendum to an Existing Contract:

Any claim or dispute arising out of or relating to this contract, or breach thereof, shall be settled via online dispute resolution. The arbitrators of http://www.SwiftJudgment.com in accordance with its civil and commercial arbitration rules shall administer all arbitration services and judgment on the award rendered by the arbitrator(s) may be entered as final and binding arbitration in any court having legal jurisdiction thereof. The specific inclusion of these arbitration services shall remain neutral by the arbitrators and their decision shall be based solely on the evidence, testimony and merits of the case.

Arbitration Scheduling:

Time is of the essence under this agreement and arbitration hearings shall take place within sixty, (60) days of filing. Any remedies or awards shall be rendered within ninety, (90) days of the final and binding judgment. Arbitrator(s) shall agree to these limits prior to accepting appointment.

Arbitration Fees:

Each party shall initially bear their own costs and expenses for equal share of the arbitrators' and arbitration administrative fees. Upon final judgment the arbitrators may determine how the costs and expenses of the arbitration fees shall be allocated between the parties, but will only have the authority to allocate attorneys' fees as jurisdictional laws permit.

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