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Edward R. Downs is experienced in federal antitrust laws and has extensive success in dealing with the Federal Trade Commission, Bureau of Competition. His knowledge in law ranges from all types of state and federal civil cases, as well as, criminal cases. He has represented individuals and businesses in successfully brokering settlement agreements with state and federal taxing authorities. His reputation is only overshadowed by his modesty and dedication to maintain a successful private practice in civil areas of law such as real property litigation, construction contracts and transnational work. He balances his ardent passion for the law with altruism in providing community services ranging from civil liberties and rights to assisting churches in organizational programs. Edward has extensive arbitration and mediation experience, having represented parties as a neutral in successfully navigating through complex and tedious disputes, where by ensuring all parties of a fair and impartial outcome. Over the decades Edward’s practice, teaching and judge’s post in the law have earned him accolades among his peers and he has earned a Juris Doctor from G.W. University Law School and Bachelor's of Arts from Morris Brown College. Lastly, he collaborated with numerous universities as an invited lecturer and is the author of human-interest articles based on the economic development agency.

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