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Expedite Your Small Claims Court Case with Swift Judgmentâ„¢

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I file my case?

Fill out the form under Services menu. Enter all required information to avoid delays and a Swift Judgment case manager will contact you if additional information is required. All lines with an asterisk * must be filled out or your submission cannot accepted.

Accept the Arbitration agreement.

Submit to start the process.

How is my case scheduled?

Our staff will coordinate with all parties to make ensure everyone is available and prepared for the hearing. Once we get confirmation, we will provide an email to all with the scheduled date and time to everyone, along with links to access the Hearing Conference.

How does the Judge hear my case?

Swift judgment has leveraged technology to allow the small claims process to be expedited. You will however need to meet some requirements:

  • A workstation or tablet with a web camera.
  • High speed bandwidth or broadband connection.
  • And a test to make sure that everything will work should you wish to watch or participate.
  • A Telephone
Since this is over the Web, can I do this from anywhere?

Each case will be presided over by a Judge / Arbitrator, so here are a few tips to work in your favor:

The Judge needs to be able to hear you, make sure you have a quiet area when you login.

Be dressed appropriately, no nudity, pajamas, or face coverings.

Keep your conduct respectful, speak appropriately and do not interrupt.

No cussing or vulgarity, the Judge has the final say and resolution.

Login on time, being late will make the Judge think you changed your mind and your case could be dismissed.

And be honest, any deviation from the evidence will be considered as conflicting information.

What happens if there are problems connecting with the Video Conferencing?

Don't fret! We have our Tech Support line to provide telephone and remote support. They will make every effort to help you providing your system meets the minimum requirements.

How secure is my information?

We protect our client's information in several ways:

Our website is verified with an SSL certificate. We don't store personal information on our website, your information is immediately sent to our case managers.

All evidence is stored on a secured evidence server that is monitored by a third party provider.

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