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Don’t be so hasty as to allow your emotions push you to file that case in court. There are alternative ways to resolve conflicts between or among parties that may be to your advantage, saving you time, money and the hassle of traveling. The law allows for Online Dispute Resolution (ODRs), which courts also use in conjunction with technology to handle some criminal cases. Why should the criminals get all the perks!

Traditionally, the process of having a small claims case handled by the courts requires some or all of the following steps:

  1. Time and money spent to file the case.
  2. Money to pay the process server to serve the opposing party.
  3. Pretrial and time wasted trying to get the matter settled using the court appointed mediator.
  4. Trial and time spent waiting to go see the judge and go through the trial process.

It’s stressful and inefficient, and still doesn’t handle the final issue which is the matter of getting your awarded judgment paid, which could require more time spent in court.

The other options are: Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) or Online Dispute Resolution (ODR). ADRs require a physical connection of both parties being in the same location and the latter is technically achievable between several parties that can be located anywhere that accepts ODR decisions. Most private organizations that provide ODRs use a neutral in lieu of court judges and require both parties’ consent for the intervention, reconciliation, and negotiation to be contracted.

Filing a complaint online is easy and takes less time compared to filing a case in court. You have the freedom to choose options of when you would like your case scheduled and the opposing party gets equal opportunity to be heard similar to an actual trial. Cooperation and respect between the parties is encouraged and needs of each party are also reinforced. The process gets done through arbitration resolution by an impartial third party provides a final (binding) or non- binding decision depending the organization arrangements. In addition, an online dispute resolution takes a shorter time for resolving disputes as compared to court proceedings. ODR on an average takes less than 30 days in an average of 7 days or might even only take hours, whereas court proceedings might even take two years before a decision is reached. Online dispute resolution is the best alternative way of resolving conflicts to get away from the hassles of court proceedings,which results into an expedient decision by a legal professional.

Article summary:
An alternative made many people life simple to some extent is online dispute resolution. It comes with a lot of easiness as compared to actual court processes.


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