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An alternative way to resolve conflicts without going to court and which may be done in convenience with the help of technology is online dispute resolution or ODR. It is one option of conflict resolution techniques,which are used for arbitration and mediation as an alternative to going to civil court.

Individuals needing to resolve some conflict in the least possible time with less hassle have a lot to be thankful for. Online dispute resolution techniques are the answer to the problem. Moreover, it has also been proven to be less costly than a formal litigation process in the time invested to attend court hearings and in legal costs.Matters are solved with the help of a neutral who conducts the hearing process between both parties impartially. In addition, online dispute resolution may be done without geographic considerations.

Despite its effectiveness however studies found out that online dispute resolution turns out to have some hurdles
that need to be overcome.One issue raised is that conflict resolution techniques vary between providers and need to have more defined laws in regulating such ways to resolve conflicts. Many countries lack regulation on Online Dispute Resolution and even on the Internet in general, which makes it difficult to come up with legitimate Online Dispute Resolution techniques.This ends up in varying resolution techniques by online dispute resolution providers. Online dispute resolution providers are not monitored regarding their techniques in resolving conflicts that each one come up with their own techniques and claim these to be the best. Some providers however end up not doing the resolutions efficiently as the litigants would expect.

Online dispute resolution being one of the newest alternative conflict resolution technique proves to be very beneficial to people. Decisions that result from these processes are legal and binding. However, with the many providers present and with the lack of a regulating body to monitor these providers, anybody wanting to get online dispute resolution service need to choose well, on what provider to employ by background checking on how online dispute resolution processes are made to ensure efficient service.

A new revolution in the area of dispute resolution, which has made many user life so simple by helping them to register their disputes online and can go through whole prosecution online.


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