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Conflict is an inevitable part of life. People face disagreements and problems anytime and anywhere. Thankfully, not all of these disputes are harmful or serious, but when it becomes worse, going to court to settle it becomes necessary but not the end all be all answer.

A dispute resolution is the term used to address such type of court process. Court trials in our current court systems take a lot of time before arriving to a conclusion. Currently, there are two types of dispute processes that people and businesses prefer to use than going about the traditional way: the online dispute resolution and alternative dispute resolution. This article will provide you with an overview on how this dispute processes work, their advantage, as well as turnaround times, so when the time comes that you will need to settle a dispute yourself, you will know which of these processes will be the right one for you.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The alternative dispute resolution takes an average of 256 days to be resolved. To settle disputes using the ADR would not require the presence of a third party, like lawyers and such, thus, saving lawyer fees. The major reason for the wide acceptance of the ADR process is its flexibility. It enables the parties involved to choose the kind of technique that will facilitate their meeting. Court proceedings are too formal; an ADR is less complicated, less stressful, and less intimidating.

Online Dispute Resolution

This is the online equivalent of an ADR and also is the most optimal method of all. An ODR utilizes technology to resolve disputes between parties. Online technologies and innovative techniques solve disputes through ODR faster, making your anticipation for the result less stressful. ODR is applicable to a wide range of commercial and consumer conflicts, but is traditionally used for resolution of e-commerce disputes, since the location of each party is far from each other making each of them rely on the Internet.

In conclusion, there are a lot of people who prefer the convenience and effective turnaround time that an Online Dispute Resolution has offered, and when it comes to processing your dispute, is the first and only company to offer ODR service nationwide using real court judges, up-to-date technology, and allows each party to meet online and be directly involved in the settlement of their case.

Article Summary

ODR is effective and a facility for those users who do not want their matters to be presented in any court. It is new adoption according to the advancement of technology to provide users an effective service because they want to resolve their disputes.